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YBonjour-(French language tutoring on speaking&reading&writing for beginner&intermediate--one-on-one distance learning via phone, internet, and face-to-face); negotiable hourly price and schedule.

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YBonjour-French language learning for those considering themselves ...?

Ahh! Bonjour! Bonsoir! Comment allez-vous? Or, comment vas-tu?

À, É, è, ç, ù,  and plus a few more, complete the unique French alphabet accents. Do you know how to pronounce them? 

Do you understand the meaning of these words:

 Je vais À l'École?

 mère? Français?

 Où vas-tu? Où  allez-vous? 

Hmm! Did you know?  That French is generally spoken by 110 million native speakers, is an official language in 29 countries and has 190 million non-native speakers around the world? Oui, c'est vraie-yes, that's right; and our head of YBonjour service is from Chad, Africa-central, AHA!

 Planning to visit a French speaking part of the world? (I.E., central Africa, France, Canada, Belgium, etc.)? Or been to one or more of those places, but wish you could use a human companion for some additional practice? 

Come on over to a human being! That's why we're here; please take a big break from using those "apps" and automated softwares. You will benefit from great exposure to a variety of spoken accents, speed, plus more.

drop us a quick written message via Shop@YDesireWhatPlus.com let's talk? (888) 779-2728 Merci beaucoup! 

Are your goals to one day, improve in your speaking, reading, and/or writing skills? Bien! Come on over to us, our customized service is for those considering themselves beginner/intermediate.

Click the "Contact Us" link to start a conversation with us, or call (888) 779-2728 

Been thinking about wanting to speak, read and write in French in your lifetime, or adventures calling--Just curious, and Want to equip your knowledge with this lovely popular global language just in case?

Bravo!!! You've found the right place, and the place for those (down to Earth)enriching learning companions. Grab onto our "YBonjour" -- a very unique way of learning, and/or improving your French language knowledge.

"YBonjour," is our unique (learning companion toolbox) for you, and is primarily for those considering themselves beginner and/or intermediate.

Your pre-booked, fun and enriching personal tutoring sessions are done daily, weekly, or monthly. For the distance learning opportunity, you may use communication tools such as:

• telephone, and/or those popular instant messenger such as:

• Skype, the official Microsoft’s Skype;

• AIM, AOL Instant Messenger;

• Yahoo Messenger, and others web-based conferencing methods. 

Your "YBonjour" (primary specially designated tutor), is from the central African country of Chad, a French speaking country. He can speak about 6 languages, including French and English--two popular global languages being used daily around the world by people of all background, for all types of personal and professional reason. Your weekly sessions will have plenty of fun time, while making sure that you end the sessions with a new understanding of this popular romantic global language.

Our "YBonjour" (learning companion toolbox), greatly exposes you to:

• Verbal--gives you plenty of opportunity to come across many daily used words--by having a general conversation with your tutor on any topic.

• Reading—you and your tutor will exchange some short stories (both fictional and nonfictional), to be read out loud to each other.

• Writing—you and your tutor will exchange some short stories written by each of you.

When we say for beginner, we mean the very beginner that starts with no knowledge of any French word. you will be surprised how quick you will learn that language.

Allons-y... Let's talk in English to begin brainstorming about your goals, to get more answers/information, and to get some more creative reasons for why take "YBonjour."

Special: hourly rate, weekly schedule, and maximum/minimum age--are always negotiable for a win-win approach, and for some unique cases. Ask us about it. Parlons?

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