Image of YHoney+Almond Body Lotion-Nourish, Soften, Helps Heal Your Skin!

YHoney+Almond Body Lotion-Nourish, Soften, Helps Heal Your Skin!


So… There is Almond as plant-based milk! chapped Almond! Almond butter! Almond paste! +++ now, Almond in our body lotion. There’s even an Almond board in California? Are you missing out on taking advantage of this super-food Almond? Join us and have yours too? -the Badigue family in California, USA!

From our distributors-item description:
Sweet and a little nutty, this Honey and Almond Body Lotion will nourish and soften your skin. It contains:
* Shea butter-Shea butter is like a superfood for your skin. It has a concentration vitamins and fatty acids that nourishes your skin. It is a great remedy for dry skin. It helps to reduce skin inflammation and combat acne. It boosts the natural collagen and softens and strengthens skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles. All of those benefits come from natural and organic ingredients with no dyes or artificial chemicals.
*It also has aloe vera. It helps treat sunburn and so much more. Aloe Vera is known to help heal cuts and other wounds, reduce scars, treat canker sores, reduce symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and moisturize your skin, leaving it more supple and improving its appearance.
Get all the benefits of both shea butter and aloe vera with the sweet scent of honey and the nutty scent of almond today in this 12 oz.

Thanks much for Your support, by shopping at my health-conscious shop! Be blessed extra!
-Mr. Yegue Badigue: shop owner