Promoting Relaxation! De-stressing! Reduction of Soreness! Increasing Range of Motion!  +++
Into alternative health-care options? Oh Yes! Massage Therapy options  for the well-being of Your Body-Mind-Spirit  are now available at our (mobile Massage) health-care provider Multi-Benefit-Salon in Fresno, CA.
Please book 2/3 days in advance at the minimum... Text/call in: (559) 312-0974 

Health-care therapy massage services provided at Be-Blessed Massage Plus by CMT Mr. Yegue O. Badigue (CAMTC cert. #81951), Fresno City Police permit #M-2020 

Please click here-head into our "BeBlessed MassagePlus" appointment booking/request page... Health-care benefits modalities include:

Classic Swedish Massage care for relaxation and stress reduction--Have you already read a short reading at what you've been missing out on?


C.M.T. Yegue B providing Massage Therapy on someone's shoulders; person is lying on Table faced down, under a light blanket. (combo)  Deep-Tissue Massage care--let's chase out those stiffness, soreness, persisting muscles pain..-Various features of this relief are available.


, Prenatal Massage/pregnancy care-we accept "HEALTHY PREGNANCY,"  and second and third trimester only, due to many "contraIndication." But we want to be a team member for the mommies to be!


Chair-Massage care--stay fully clothed and obtain a 10-15 minute relief while sitting on a specialized comfortable chair!

So...done some of those readings, and WANT TO  come over? or, put in an appointment request?

Click here-I would like to request "BeBlessed Massage Plus" BLESSED HANDS appointment booking/request page... (559) 312-0974Hello my current, and future friends!! I am Mr. Yegue O. Badigue: CMT California cert #81951 and my guide dog (juno) "YEGUE" (pronounced like yeguh). How can we help?

AMAZING RELIEF massage BENEFITS  are at your reach in Fresno, Sanger, Clovis, Madera/beyond within California, via mobile massage health-care options! How are  you feeling? How have you been feeling? recurring muscles pain? Stiffness/soreness in the legs/feet? Lower/upper-back? shoulders, neck, TMJ, arms?
Thanks much in advance for exploring your well-being with your "blind" BLESSED hands CMT) California Certified (Cert Massage Therapist #81951). May God bless you through our caring hands!

"God may decide to deliver you healing through my hands--as a believing follower of Christ!" - Mr. Yegue O Badigue, CMT #81951