Into alternative health-care options? Oh Yes! Body-Mind-Spirit HEALTHIER RELIEF-massage therapy options are now available at our health-care provider office-you're invited to express your interest!, and we come to you within Fresno, Sanger, Clovis, Madera,( and beyond) within CA! Please book 2/3 days in advance at the minimum...

Health-care therapy massage services provided at Be-Blessed Massage Plus by CMT Mr. Yegue O. Badigue (CAMTC cert. #81951), Fresno City Police permit #M-2020 

Please click here-head into our "BeBlessed MassagePlus" appointment booking/request page... Health-care benefits modalities include:

Classic Swedish Massage care for relaxation and stress reduction--Have you already read a short reading at what you've been missing out on?

 Deep-Tissue Massage care--let's chase out those stiffness, soreness, persisting muscles pain..-Various features of this relief are available.

, Prenatal Massage/pregnancy care-we accept "HEALTHY PREGNANCY,"  and second and third trimester only, due to many "contraIndication." But we want to be a team member for the mommies to be!

Chair-Massage care--stay fully clothed and obtain a 10-15 minute relief while sitting on a specialized comfortable chair!

So...done some of those readings, and WANT TO  SIGN UP? or put in an appointment request before opening date? 

Click here-I would like to request "BeBlessed MassagePlus" ADVANTAGED HANDS appointment booking/request page...(559) 205-5135Hello my current, and future friends!! I am Mr. Yegue O. Badigue: CMT California cert #81951 and my guide dog (juno) "YEGUE" (pronounced like yeguh). How can we help?

AMAZING RELIEF massage BENEFITS  are at your reach in Fresno, Sanger, Clovis, Madera/beyond within California, via mobile massage health-care options! How are  you feeling? How have you been feeling? recurring muscles pain? Stiffness/soreness in the legs/feet? Lower/upper-back? shoulders, neck, TMJ, arms? recruitment for those who desire relief with us has began since August 27, 2019! Sign up between now and June 30, 2020, and get in, and secure our (first (10, on 25% discount) ON SWEDISH, and Deep-Tissue Massage!

Simply get on the list through our Contact-Us page, and/or stop by our booking site and request an appointment, or text: (559) 205-5135

Thanks much in advance for exploring your well-being enhancement with your (ADVANTAGED HANDS CMT) California Certified (Cert Massage Therapist #81951). May God bless you through our hands!

Excited about coming in, but want to refresh your understanding of benefits of getting therapeutic massage? Have some questions on the various tasks of preparing for the Massage Table, during the session, and  post massage?

Eager to book, or want to review what we offer, available time and session prices? Let's talk soon!

"God may decide to deliver you healing through my hands--as a believing follower of Christ!" - Mr. Yegue O Badigue, CMT #81951